Table 1

Age, gender and main diagnosis of the 68 patients presenting at the emergency outpatient ophthalmological healthcare facility between 4 June and 15 June

Patient demographics
Age (years)
 Mean (SD), range58.7 (18.7), 20–95
Diagnosis n (%)
 Dry eye/blepharitis3 (4%)
 Conjunctivitis5 (7%)
 Corneal erosion5 (7%)
 Corneal foreign body8 (11%)
 Keratitis3 (4%)
 Episcleritis/iritis7 (10%)
 Posterior vitreous detachment10 (14%)
 Vitreous haemorrhage3 (4%)
 Retinal rupture/detachment5 (7%)
 Trauma3 (4%)
 Other16 (24%)
  • The term ‘other’ refers to single cases of varying events, for example, endophthalmitis, vasculitis, exudative macular degeneration, third nerve palsy and branch retinal vein occlusion.