Table 3

List of explanted opacified IOLs and opacification characteristics

ManufacturerIOL modelIOL materialIOL designNo.TypeFine-granularCrust-likeAnterior surfacePosterior surfaceHapticsClear isletCentral defectppv/gasppv/oil
ArgonopticsEuromaxx Ali 313Y (K3 N)Acrylic, hydrophilic3-piece1Type 2XXXXX
Bausch & LombQuatrix EvolutiveAcrylic, hydrophilic1-piece2Type 2XXX (1x)XX (1x)
Carl Zeiss/Acri.TecAcri.Smart 164 XtremeDAcrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece1Type 2XXX
Carl Zeiss/Acri.TecAcri.Smart 46 LCAcrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece1Type 2XXX
Johnson & JohnsonTecnis ZA9003Acrylic, hydrophobic3-piece6Type 2X (4x)X (2x)XX (3x)X (2x)X (3x)X (1x)X (1x)
OculentisLentis LS-311YAcrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece5Type 1XXX (2x)XX (2x)X
OculentisLentis LS-312Acrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece6Type 1XXX (2x)XX (2x)X (3x)
OculentisLentis LS-312YAcrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece49Type 1XXX (14x)X (45x)X (14x)X (30x)
OculentisLentis LS-313Acrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece1Type 1XXX
OculentisLentis LS-313YAcrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece1Type 1XXXX
Polytech DomilensDomicryl Biflex HLAcrylic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic coating1-piece1Type 2XXXX
TekiaTek-Lens II Model 872 YAcrylic, hydrophilic1-piece1Type 2XXXX
Total1-piece: 68 (91%);
3-piece: 7 (9%)
n=75Type 1: 13 (17%)
Type 2: 62 (83%)
64 (85%)21 (28%)44 (59%)1 (1%)3 (4%)
  • gas, SF6 or C2F6 gas endotamponade; IOL, intraocular lens; oil, silicon oil endotamponade; ppv, pars plana vitrectomy.