Table 1

Clinical information of the three patients with MacTel

PatientAgeGenderFamily historyMacTel eyeLess-affected eye
161MaleTwin brother (patient 2) affectedODOS
261MaleTwin brother (patient 1) affectedODOS
Visual acuityOphthalmoscopic featuresFluorescein angiographic features
120/15020/20Pigment deposit, temporal greyingNoneTemporal leakageNormal
220/40020/25Greying, atrophy, cystic changesTrace temporal greyingEarly hyperfluorescence, late leakage throughoutSubtle temporal leakage
320/5020/25Retinal greying, right angle vessels, cystic changesSubtle pigmentary stippling near foveaTemporal leakageNormal
  • MacTel, macular telangiectasia.