Table 1

Amblyopia treatment effectiveness

Normal visual acuity, %Amblyopia surpassed, %
Non-refractive (n=13)61.569.2
Refractive (n=34)91.2100
Without previous treatment (n=32)87.5100
With previous treatment (n=15)73.373.3
Total (n=47)83.091.5
  • Comparison between treatment effectiveness in refractive versus non-refractive aetiology in the upper rows.In the lower rows, comparison of treatment effectiveness if amblyopia was already under treatment before age 3–4 or not. Outcomes: normal visual acuity if BCVA ≥0.7 (decimal) in both eyes; amblyopia surpassed if BCVA (best corrected visual acuity) criteria for amblyopia were suppressed. See text for details.