Table 1

Definitions of categories of ECLO support

AppointmentsAddressing uncertainties with respect to clinic appointments and alerting booking teams in the case of hospital-initiated delays or cancellations
BenefitsProviding advice on the benefit entitlement related to CVI, for example, free bus pass, TV license, blue badge, reduced council tax fee
EducationEnsuring patients receive adequate educational support (involving specialist teachers and/or disability advisors as required) and specialist equipment
Emotional supportEncouraging patients to voice their concerns and providing focused information, advice and guidance
EmploymentAdvice and support regarding adaptation in the work-place, for example, magnified screens, assisted voice control
Providing information about access to work, a government funded scheme to help individuals with health conditions or disabilities remain in work
Referral to Royal National Institute of Blind People employment team for further support regarding employment challenges
HousingReferral for housing assessment to create a package of home care to support activities of daily living
Facilitate appropriate housing adaptations, for example, railings for support, tactile markings on the cooker to identify dials
Rehousing patients to more appropriate residences based on safety assessment for example, warden control or sheltered accommodation
Low vision supportEquip patients with specialised low vision aids, for example, magnifiers, liquid level indicator, one cup kettle
Referral for braille lessons and computer/device training
Registration supportFacilitate certification of visual impairment
If a patient fulfils the visual criteria for sight impairment or severe sight impairment, the ophthalmologist completes the CVI form to certify the patient. Registration follows if the patient signs the CVI form, consenting to being registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired with the local social services department.
Social supportAdvise patients about social support groups with others who have a visual impairment so that they can still engage in society, for example, coffee groups, sports groups, social groups specifically related to the eye condition
Travel adviceAdvice on ensuring safety when travelling abroad, for example, low vision identification badge to allow airport staff to identify those passengers who may require extra assistance
General supportSupport in other relevant domains
  • CVI, Certificate of Visual Impairment; ECLO, eye clinic liaison officer.