Table 3

Secondary outcome of visual acuity at 9 months postrandomisation

Group L1Group S1Group L2Group S2
Low dose, monthly scheduleStandard dose, monthly scheduleLow dose, bimonthly scheduleStandard dose, bimonthly schedule
Distance visual acuity for all eyes:
 Mean (SD)62.4 (16.9)63.9 (16.3)63.5 (14.2)63.4 (15.2)
Distance visual acuity for primary eye
 Mean (SD)61.8 (17.1)63.8 (16.1)63.1 (14.2)63.1 (15.3)
Distance visual acuity for fellow eye
 Mean (SD)65.9 (15.7)64.5 (17.9)68.1 (13.8)65.7 (15.2)
ComparisonAdjusted differences in mean*95% CI
Low dose (L1+L2) vs standard dose (S1 +S2)−0.96−2.08 to 0.17
Bimonthly (L2+S2) vs monthly (L1+S1)0.13−0.99 to 1.25
Interaction between dose and schedule0.97−1.27 to 3.22
  • *Adjusted for baseline VA score, each intervention and study centre.

  • VA, visual acuity.