Table 1

Preoperative patient’s characteristics in the two IOL groups

Sample features before surgeryP value
Extended Depth of Focus IOL mean (SD) (25 patients)Enlighten IOL mean (SD) (25 patients)
Age (years), mean (SD)70.16±4.472.12±3.25>0.05
SE (D), mean (SD)−0.45±3.25−2.01±0.2>0.05
Preoperative CDVA (logMar), mean (SD)0.456±0.320.26±0.4>0.05
AL (mm), mean (SD)23.21±1.223.87±2.5>0.05
K1 (D), mean (SD)43.99±1.8843.17±3.8>0.05
K2 (D), mean (SD)44.41±3.2543.87±1.3>0.05
IOL power (D), mean (SD)21.83±4.521.02±2.86>0.05
Photopic pupil size (mm), mean (SD)3.28±0.33.16±0.20>0.05
Scotopic pupil size (mm), mean (SD)5.02±0.45.11±0.3>0.05
  • AL, Axial Lenght; CDVA, Corrected Distance Visual Acuity; EDOF, Extended Depth of Focus; IOL, intraocular lens; SE, spherical equivalent.