Table 2

Effect of intervention arm in a trial of eyeglasses provision on final uncorrected visual acuity (LogMAR) of both eyes

Intervention groupnMean baseline uncorrected LogMAR visual acuity (SD)Mean endline uncorrected LogMAR visual acuity (SD)Unadjusted change in LogMAR visual acuity (95% CI)Effect of interventions on endline uncorrected visual acuity adjusted for baseline acuity (95% CI)*
Total9100.644 (0.251)0.728 (0.237)−0.085* (−0.098 to 0.072)
Control4340.644 (0.246)0.733 (0.235)−0.089* (−0.108 to 0.070)(Reference)
Intervention4760.643 (0.255)0.724 (0.239)−0.081* (−0.099 to 0.062)0.008 (−0.018 to 0.034)
  • Though higher values on the LogMAR scale indicate worse vision, we have followed the convention in this table that negative change indicates worsening and positive change indicates improvement.

  • *P<0.05.

  • LogMAR, logarithm of the minimal angle of resolution.