Table 1

Data collected for cases and controls in standardised face-to-face questionnaire

Collected dataDescription
Data collected for cases and controlsDemographicsAge, sex
Lens typeRGP, SDD, STWD, SMD or SEW
Wear habits and water exposureWear frequency, wear duration
Sleeping in lenses
Showering/bathing in lenses
Swimming in lenses
Hygiene practicesHand washing before handling lenses
Lens case use, storage location and replacement frequency
Contact lens soaking duration
Lens purchasing history and follow-upFrequency of contact lens aftercare appointment with contact lens practitioner
Where lenses are purchased
Were lens infections/complications explained when lenses first prescribed?
Who should be responsible for providing information about risks of contact lens wear?
How lens care advice should be given
Additional data collected for cases of CLMKSubjective vision loss after infectionNone, mild, moderate or severe
Thoughts of giving up contact lenses after infectionConcerns over recurrence, vision loss, memories of symptoms
Quality of life after infectionAffecting work, sight, sports, daily activities, physical appearance
  • Additional data were collected for cases of CLMK regarding patient experiences following infection.

  • CLMK, contact lens-related microbial keratitis; RGP, rigid gas permeable; SDD, soft daily disposable; SEW, soft extended wear; SMD, soft monthly disposable; STWD, soft 2-week disposable.