Table 4

Independent risk factors for CLMK identified by multiple logistic regression analysis

Risk factorOR95% CIP value
 >551.00 (referent)
 <241.780.28 to 11.260.541
 25–398.161.45 to 46.050.017*
 40–547.781.31 to 46.280.024*
Contact lens type†
 RGP1.00 (referent)
 SDD16.761.09 to 257.560.043*
 STWD26.071.17 to 577.160.039*
 SMD10.330.72 to 148.270.086
 SEW1.580.04 to 71.500.813
Frequency of showering in contact lenses
 Never1.00 (referent)
 Few times a year0.380.03 to 4.890.454
 Few times a month1.550.27 to 8.900.626
 Few times a week3.240.58 to 18.050.181
 Daily13.732.35 to 80.070.004**
  • *p<0.05. **p<0.01.

  • †Two contact lens types unknown and excluded in this analysis.

  • RGP, rigid gas permeable; SDD, soft daily disposable; SEW, soft extended wear; SMD, soft monthly disposable; STWD, soft 2-week disposable.