Table 1

Baseline parameters derived from image analysis algorithm

MeanMinimum25th percentileMedian75th percentileMaximumP value
Retinal height at centre of hole (μm)3662233333653964880.78
Minimum dimension of MA (μm)3571102473534408710.00017
Maximum dimension of MA (μm)4121473023814909270.0031
Height of centre of MA above RPE (μm)18950.31362002293420.43
Difference between maxima and minima of MA (μm)54.94.7130.848.876.11440.0011
Minima of BA (μm)71614858572787614100.86
Maxima of BA (μm)80319363682397214700.68
Difference between maxima and minima of BA (μm)87.115.354.279.71082670.00011
Surface area (mm2)1.660.2541.161.512.074.280.00022
Volume (×10−3 mm3)0.740.070.430.650.952.367.4e-07
  • P value refers to the Shapiro-Wilk test for normality for each variable. Values less than 0.05 signify that the values are not normally distributed.

  • BA, base area; MA, minimum area; RPE, retinal pigment epithelium.