Table 1

Demographic characteristics data and results of carotid/cerebral evaluations

No./Age/GenderAffected eyeVisual acuityNo. of emboliDegree % of CAOD (R/L)Intracranial circulation and compensatory flow of collaterals
1/88/MRight0.02460/45High flow from left ICA a left vertebral artery.
2/58/MRightHM>10Total/TotalNo ICA flow, compensatory flow from bilateral vertebral artery, reversed bilateral ophthalmic flow.
3/50/FRight0.23No stenosisNormal carotid and cerebral circulation.
4/71/FRightLP>10>70/23Decreased right ICA and cerebral flow.
5/57/MRightLP>10>95/48Decreased right ICA and cerebral flow, low vertebral flow, increased flow from left ICA.
6/76/MRightLP558/50Focal stenosis of right anterior cerebral artery.
7/55/MLeft0.02>10Nil/Total*High flow from right ICA.*
8/73/MRight0.2>20Total/28High flow from left ICA and bilateral vertebral artery.
9/59/MRightND>10Total/43High flow from left ICA and vertebral artery.
10/64/MRightLP>1080/20High flow from left ICA and vertebral artery, reversed right ophthalmic flow
11/73/MLeft0.2>1036/95High flow from right ICA and bilateral vertebral artery.
  • *Colour Doppler imaging study before retinal artery occlusion attack.

  • CAOD, carotid artery occlusion disease; F, female; HM, hand motion; ICA, internal carotid artery; LP, light perception; M, male; ND, number of digits.