Table 1

Outcome domains

NumberOutcome domainsDefinition of domainItems in the domain
1Visual functionThe impact of PSIU on aspects of patients’ vision.Distance vision; near vision; colour vision; peripheral vision; contrast sensitivity; depth perception.
2SymptomsPatients’ bodily experiences that result from PSIU.An uncomfortable or painful eye; photosensitivity; redness; watery eyes; floaters; visual disturbance; distortion of vision; headache; fatigue.
3Functional abilityThe impact of PSIU on patients’ ability to perform, maintain or continue their day-to-day functions.Work/employment (maintaining/adjustments); educational participation; driving; activities of daily living and self-care; participation in social and leisure activities.
4Impact on relationshipsThe impact of PSIU on relationships with others.Intrafamily and spousal relationships; friendships.
5Financial impactThe financial impact of having PSIU.Financial cost to patients, for example, due to impact on work or treatment-related costs.
6Psychological morbidity and emotional well-beingPsychological and emotional morbidity that may occur in patients with PSIU.Depression; anxiety and stress; emotional well-being.
7Psychosocial adjustment to uveitisHow well people with uveitis adjust to life with the disease and how it influences self-image. This partly results from day-to-day interactions with others, for example, family, friends and other people.Threats to psychosocial well-being; coping strategies; indicators of psychosocial adjustment (reworked sense of self, identity, sense of normality).
8Doctor/patient/interprofessional relationships and access to healthcareAn effectiveness of doctor–patient communication and between healthcare professionals; the ability to access uveitis clinics and uveitis care facilities.Clinician–patient relationships; interprofessional communication; shared decision-making; access to health services and psychotherapy.
9Treatment burden The work that people with uveitis need to do to care for their health and its effect on their life. Feeling of overall treatment burden; number of hospital visits; amount of medication; adherence.
10Treatment side effectsUndesired effects of the treatment.Treatment side effects (ocular and systemic).
11Disease controlControl of PSIU and its complications.Inflammation; complications (including raised intraocular pressure; UMO and cataract).
  • PSIU, posterior segment-involving uveitis; UMO, uveitic macular oedema.