Table 2

Details of retinal breaks and refractive error in 21 patients with complete surgical data

Type of causative breaknFull breakdown of location of breakPVDRefractive error
(mean spherical equivalent)
Horseshoe tear5
  1. Anterior edge of peripheral spicules/lattice at 11 o’clock

  2. Anterior edge of peripheral spicules/lattice at 6 o’clock

  3. Single HST within spicules/lattice within RD

  4. HST within spicule at edge of staphyloma

  5. Superior anterior retina within spicules/lattice at 12 o’clock

All cases had partial PVD overlying tears−8.90
Retinal round hole13
  1. Border of spicules/lattice at 3 o’clock

  2. 9 o’clock

  3. Superior temporal quadrant

  4. 3 o’clock

  5. Multiple holes in temporal quadrant

  6. Superior temporal quadrant

  7. Within superior pre-equatorial lattice

  8. Within lattice/spicules area at posterior pole

  9. Atrophic holes in all quadrants

  10. Nasal quadrant

  11. Nasal quadrant

  12. Inferior nasal quadrant

No cases had PVD−7.50
Macular hole1
  1. Large macular hole

No PVD present−17.25
No break found1Not applicableNo PVD presentNot myopic
Retinoschisis/outer leaf break1Superior retinoschisisNo PVD presentNot myopic
  • HST, horse shoe tear; PVD, posterior vitreous detachment; RD, retinal detachment.