Table 3

Summary of telemedicine resources for ophthalmologists during the COVID-19 pandemic per international ophthalmology society

SocietyExamples of telemedicine resources
Resources highlighted:
  • Telemedicine Options for Ophthalmology Consultations.10

  • Norfolk and Norwich Hospital (NNUH) use of telemedicine during COVID-19.

Resources highlighted:
  • Telehealth Resources: Tips to Help Your Practice Succeed.2

  • Teleophthalmology: How to Get Started.3

  • Coding for Phone Calls, Internet and Telehealth Consultations.4

  • COVID-19 Moves Telemedicine to the Forefront.5

  • Academy, Federal Agencies Issue New Telehealth Guidance for COVID-19.6

Referral to AAO resources.8
SEOTelematics (voice call and video call) recommended.9
SFOTelephone calls recommended.11
Referral to AAO resources.8
JOSNot indicated.
Resources highlighted:
  • Live Webinar: Telemedicine in Ophthalmology – Current Platforms.15

  • AIOS Telemedicine Practice Guidelines.16

OSSANot indicated.
IRSONo COVID-19 information available.
CHOSNo COVID-19 information available.