Table 3

Existing and theoretical numbers of cases per list with ISBCS and unilateral surgery and possible percentage improvement in productivity

Institution/OR list studied123A3B3C45
Existing number of cases per list667.5913.5713
Maximum no. of unilateral cases possible781113181117
Maximum number of ISBCS cases possible
±1 unilateral case
4 (+1)=94 (+1)=96=127 (+1)=1511=227=149=18
Gain in no. of eyes with maximal no. with ISBCS compared with existing cases33568.575
Improvement in productivity % compared with current no. per list50%50%60%67%63%50%38%
Improvement in productivity % compared with maximum no. of unilateral case per list28%12.5%9%15.4%22%27%12%
No. of ISBCS cases required to allow an extra unilateral case to be performed4344336
  • ISBCS, immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery.