Table 1

Data charting for empirical and grey literature

1. Document characteristics
 Reference typeEmpirical study, review, commentary, guidelines and so on
 TitleTitle of publication
 AuthorsAuthors of publication
 Publication yearYear of publication
 Full citationCitation of publication
 Web linkLink to online source
2. Study characteristics
 DesignObservational study, experimental, qualitative and so on
 SettingFor example, hospital eye service
 LocationCountry of publication
 PopulationStudy eligibility criteria
 Sample sizeNumber of participants in study
 Study objectivesWhat is the study research question (if relevant)?
3. Characteristics of service delivery and outcomes
 Staffing of serviceFor example, number of staff in service, profile of staff (optometrists, hospital nurse, allied health professional and so on)
 TrainingFor example, number of hours training, number of SLT procedures performed, details of supervision
 Clinical effectivenessDetails of SLT efficacy (eg, evidence of sustained stable IOP)
 SafetyAspects relating to safety of procedure (eg, reporting of adverse events)
 Cost-effectivenessDetails relating to service costings
 Other outcomesAny other study outcomes
 LimitationsLimitations described by authors, and any other limitations identified
 Implications and conclusionsImplications and conclusions as described by authors
  • IOP, intraocular pressure; SLT, selective laser trabeculoplasty.