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3 Flying baby anterior segment OCT in the diagnosis of anterior segment dysgenesis
  1. H Jasim,
  2. O El-Haddad,
  3. S Amarakoon
  1. Bristol Eye Hospital, UK


A one day old baby was referred to Paediatric Ophthalmologists with unilateral right-sided dense corneal clouding, noted at the 24 hour postnatal review. This baby was born at 38 weeks gestation via forceps instrumentation and subsequent emergency caesarean Section.

The baby sustained a right sided periocular haematoma, lateral canthal superficial skin abrasion and subconjunctival haemorrhage. The obstetricians were concerned this baby had also sustained ocular trauma secondary to forceps use, such as a Descemet membrane tear (FIDMT).

We were able to perform anterior segment OCT with the Osiris MS39 AS-OCT (TM) at 2 days of age to assess the anterior segment anatomy and were able to establish an intact Descemet membrane, corneal stromal oedema and iridocorneal adhesions consistent with a diagnosis of anterior segment dysgenesis.

This is the first published report of using the flying baby technique for anterior segment OCT and allowed for rapid diagnosis of a developmental condition and exclusion of FIDMT. This avoided any delays in referral for further treatments, avoidance of potential medico-legal problems and most importantly, reassurance to the parents of the cause of corneal clouding.

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