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P14-A117 Assessment of performance and safety of corneal chamber hypothermic storage and PSS-L corneal rinsing in human and porcine corneas
  1. Laura Giurgola1,
  2. Umberto Rodella2,
  3. Claudio Gatto1,
  4. Orietta Rossi1,
  5. Jana D’Amato Tóthová1
  1. 1AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l., Italy
  2. 2Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto (FBOV), Italy


Purpose To prove the safety and performance of the hypothermic corneal storage medium Corneal Chamber, containing Eusol-C solution (AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l.) and of the rinsing solution PSS-L (AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l.) in support to the new CE certification process in accordance to the EU 2017/745 Medical Device Regulation

Methods Fifteen (n=15) human donor corneas unsuitable for transplantation and n=11 porcine corneas were evaluated for the following quality parameters: ECD, HEX%, CV%, endothelial morphology, endothelial mortality and transparency at day 0 and after 14±1 days (day 14) of storage in Corneal Chamber at 2-8°C. Then, corneas were rinsed in PSS-L for 1’ at room temperature (RT) and the same parameters were assessed Post Rinsing (Day 14PR). In order to evaluate the antimicrobial carryover after the corneal storage in Corneal Chamber(14 days at 4°C), gentamicin sulphate was quantified in human and porcine corneas homogenates by UHPLC.

Results Human and porcine corneas stored in Corneal Chamber at 2-8°C for 14 days showed a good overall quality of the tissue according to quality parameters evaluated. In particular, mean ECD, HEX% and CV% did not show statistically significant changes at the end of storage and endothelial mortality increased of 3.1±3.3% in human corneas and 7.8±3.5% in porcine corneas. Slight variations in endothelial morphology score and corneal transparency were observed. Rinsing with PSS-L did not negatively affect the quality parameters evaluated before and after rinsing and gentamicin sulfate residues were completely removed.

Conclusion The storage of corneal tissues in Corneal Chamber at 2-8°C for 14 days and the corneal rinse with 30 ml of PSS-L at RT for 1 min are safe and effective procedures allowing the preservation of the corneal quality parameters including ECD, endothelial mortality, endothelial morphology, HEX%, CV%, and corneal transparency and the elimination of gentamicin sulfate from the tissues before transplantation.

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