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P37-A124 Smile bank – corneal stromal lenticules from relex smile – the new eye bank product
  1. Magdalena Netuková,
  2. Yun Min Klimešová,
  3. Martina Poláchová,
  4. Pavel Studený
  1. International eye bank of Prague, Vinohrady Teaching Hospital, Czech Republic


Purpose The aim of our presentation is to introduce future eye bank product - corneal stromal lenticule from living donors, which can be used for allotransplantation.

Methods ReLEx (refractive lenticule extraction) SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) is a common approach in laser eye surgery. It is minimally invasive and flap-free procedure. During this procedure part of corneal stroma (lenticule) is created by femtosecond laser and consequently removed through small incision. The lenticule is basically waste material of the ReLEx SMILE procedure. In the International Eye Bank of Prague, we decided to establish new protocol for lenticule withdrawal, storage and release for transplantation.

Results All donors signed an informed consent, and their serum was tested for the presence of infectious diseases. After ReLEx SMILE procedure the lenticule was stored in container with cryopreservation solution and frozen in the eye bank using the same protocol for frozen amniotic membrane. After 6 months in -80°C tissues were defrosted and examined histologically, using conventional light histology staining and electron microscopy.

Conclusion We believe, that lenticule from living donor is a safe and effective tissue, that can be used for many indications and in particular situations represents good alternative to whole donor cornea and amniotic membrane.

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