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P-11 DMEK in cases with aphakia & aniridia. Three-year experience with the safety net technique
  1. Alfonso Vasquez-Perez
  1. Moorfields Eye Hospital. London, UK


*Correspondence, Alfonso Vasquez-Perez:

Objective To present the results of an innovative DMEK technique for bullous keratopathy in cases with aphakia & aniridia, traditionally considered suitable only for DSAEK.

Method Review of 11 consecutive cases affected with aphakia & aniridia who received DMEK using the safety net technique over the last three years. Patients were followed between 6 to 30 months.

Results Graft unfolding over the prolene net was found undemanding and was successfully achieved in all cases. Visual acuity improved in 10 cases (91%). Nine cases (82%) had clear cornea and well-functioning DMEK at the end of the study. In one case the surgery was not completed due to choroidal haemorrhage and in one case the graft failed after one year following rejection and repeat PK was performed. One case required re-do DMEK due to early failure. Re-bubbling was required for 4 cases (36%) and there were no cases with posterior graft dislocation.

Conclusions The safety net DMEK technique is a simple, low-cost method for DMEK in eyes with aphakia & aniridia. Increased re-bubbling rate is expected in the aphakic unicameral eyes.

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