Table 1

Temporal fixation stability. Values are mean±SD of 68% BCEA (the upper table), the horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) fluctuations (the lower table) in the normal (Normal) patients, patients with MG without diplopia (MG diplopia−), patients with MG with diplopia (MG diplopia+) and SO palsy groups during the first (0–20 s), second (20–40 s) and third (40–60 s) fractions in the fixation period

Normal (n=21)MG diplopia− (n=5)MG diplopia+ (n=5)SO palsy (n=6)
68% BCEA (°)2
Time from
fixation start
0–20 s3.21±2.893.9±1.7813.97±8.566.67±4.49
20–40 s2.14±1.544.12±2.6710.2±3.755.92±4.96
40–60 s2.02±2.184.7±4.197.11±7.957.06±8.99